A Mighty Wind

Last Sunday the forecast called for sixty degree temps. It’s
November in Chicago, so a sixty degree day is a real treat and one not to be
wasted. I planned to head out on the Judson ride and get in one more fast and fun
filled road ride.

I hadn’t thought much about what might bring warm temps in
November, but it didn’t’ take long to figure it out – wind! You might think
that a tailwind to start would be a good thing, but it’s not. Not if you want
to sit in for a free ride. The ride started out at a comfortable pace, but soon
enough the tempo picked up and the troubles began.

Gaps were opening. I closed down a few, but I couldn’t keep
that up for long. Trying unsuccessfully to close one gap, a guy came around and
said, “Come on honey, get on my wheel.” I thought about the comment for a
moment, and then hopped right on, thankful for a friendly helper. Eventually
the ride became too much for me and just about everyone else (all but a select
few made the cut). The ride was fractured, leaving small groups of dropped
riders all along the route.

I was able to hook up with a small group of riders and we
took a conservative approach to the balance of our ride. Keeping a nice steady
pace, the ride home was work, but still fun

Not exactly the ride I planned, but a great one nonetheless.
Sixty degrees in November – an opportunity not to be missed!


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