Clothing Tips –November 11, 2011

Ride temps for Saturday AM are predicted to be 40 degrees. To prepare for my ride I’ll pack the following
Top: Long sleeve base layer, probably my Craft long sleeve t-shirt. I’ll wear a long sleeve jersey and a wind vest. By the time I’m finished with my warm-up, I’ll need to stuff the vest in my pocket.
Bottom: I’ll wear regular bike shorts and leg warmers.
Toes: It’ll be cold, but not that cold, so I’ll go with sock-style shoe covers. Another option would be toe covers. Just enough, but not too much!
Fingers: I’ll admit I’m a wimp, so I’ll go with the lighter version of my lobster gloves. I’ll be happy when I start, but pretty warm by the time the workout is over.
Head: I like to keep my ears covered to protect them from the wind, so a thin headband will be perfect. It’ll also help prevent any potential brain freeze at the start of the ride.
Ride temps for Sunday AM are predicted to be 50 degrees, but there’s a 30% chance of rain. To prepare for my ride, I’ll pack the following:
Top: Short sleeve base layer, again, I love my Craft t-shirts, so I’ll go for that. I’ll wear a short sleeve jersey, wind vest and arm warmers.
Bottom: I’ll wear regular bike shorts and knee warmers.
Toes: The sock-style shoe covers will again be perfect.
Fingers: I’ll wear a pair of long fingered gloves, the style worn by mt. bikers. They’re heavy enough to keep out any chill, but not too much that I want to pull them off. I never ride without gloves!
Head: At 50 degrees I should be okay to ride without a headband, but I might just put one in my pocket, just in case.
Rain Prevention: It’s a well-known fact that by packing a rain jacket, the rain will stay away for the duration of your ride. I’ll be stuffing mine in my jersey pocket!


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