Post Holiday Weekend

By now you’ve probably emerged from your Thanksgiving food coma – whew! Time to give thanks for the extra days off and head out to spend some quality time outside. Today seems to be the best day for a rain free option, but if you get out early on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll probably be just fine. Join us for our Sunday trail ride. We’ll depart from the parking lot of the Daniel Wright Woods at 8AM for a 3 hour ride, which should average 16.5mph (trail speed).
Jingle Cross. Iowa’s holiday cross series is just hours away from the kickoff. There’s plenty of action the entire weekend, for race details click here.
Chi-cross cup Series Finale. The final race in Chicago’s cross series is next Sunday with the State Championships being held at Montrose and the lakefront. What will the weather be this year? There’ve been a lot of cold and snowy Montrose courses, will this year be any different? For race info click here.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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