Illinois State Cyclocross Championships

Get ready cross racer’s, the main event is this weekend. Chicrosscup’s race #12 is also the Illinois State Cyclocross championship. It’s going to be downright balmy compared to the last few years. The big question is whether it’s going to be wet or dry. Good luck to everyone racing.

I’ll be leading a lakefront ride on Sunday morning. We’ll depart from the parking spaces east of Cricket hill at Montrose at 7:30AM. We’ll do one full loop of the lakefront path (Hollywood to 63rd Street) and return to Montrose to cheer on the racers.


Higher Gear’s Computrainer Studio Grand Opening. They’ve been working feverishly to complete the new computrainer center at the Highland Park store. Come check it out this Saturday. There’s a full line-up of speakers and snacks! For details click here

Illinois State Cyclocross Championships. There’s no snow on the ground and it’s going to be more than 10 degrees, but the state championships will still go on! Head to Montrose to race and/or spectate. The battle for this year’s prized jersey is on! For race details click here

Milwaukee Bike Swap. In need of extra gear at a good price or a piece of equipment that is no longer manufactured? Bike swaps are the perfect place to find cycling gems. For details on Milwaukee’s bike swap click here

Wizard Cross. There’s no shortage of cross races these days! If heading into the city isn’t for you, there’s always the Wisconsin series. Click here for details on Wizard cross.

Have a great weekend!




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