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Spring Classics

Our big day is finally here! The 2012 Women’s Cycling Clinic will get underway this Sunday at the Highland Park High School. We have an awesome line-up of coaches for skills and riding. Plus we have plenty of extras and an awesome lunch catered by Kathy Corbett. Online registration closes this evening, but there will be on-site registration as well. For details click here

Although our big day is Sunday, we can’t forget about riding the rest of the week. The following is the ride schedule for the coming week.

Saturday Intensity Ride – Departs at 7AM from Higher Gear Highland Park. This is a fast-paced 2+hour ride.

Tuesday Women’s Ride – Departs at 9:30AM from HG Wilmette. This is 1.5 hour no-drop women’s ride.

Thursday Group Ride – Departs at 5:30PM from HG Wilmette. This is a 20+mph average 1.5 hour ride.

Friday Women’s Ride – Departs at 5:30AM from HG Wilmette. This women’s ride should average 17mph for 1 hour.


Leland Kermese.  There’s barely a chance for rain tomorrow, so you’ll have to depend on the gravel and wind to create a Belgian-esque style race. No matter what the weather, the race will be a good challenge. For race details click here

Lincoln Park Criterium.  This course replaces the Sherman Park Crit. It’s located along the Lakefront at Montrose and the twist is it has a U-turn! For race details click here

Cobb Park Criterium. This is a classic and technical crit course located in Kankakee. It’s usually held in the summer, but it’s been moved to the spring. If you like crits, check this one out! For details click here


Women’s Road Racing Clinic.  If you’re new to the sport and want to know the ins and outs of racing, attend this clinic! Smart racing leads to good results! For details on the event click here

Women’s Track Cycling Clinic.  Track season is almost here. If you’re interested, but a little intimidated, join us for this women’s only event. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started riding a fixed gear bike and racing at the track. For event details click here

Have a great weekend!


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Hillsboro Roubaix

Happy Friday the 13th!

It’s another action packed Spring weekend. Lots of racing and riding – and dodging the rain! Be optimistic and plan to get your riding in during the perfect window. Check the racing schedule below or join the Higher Gear crew on the following rides:

Saturday Intensity ride. The ride will depart from HG Highland Park at 6:45AM. The focus of this ride is to get in an intensity workout. It will be a drop ride.

Thursday Group Ride. This ride will depart from HG Wilmette at 5:30PM and return to the shop by 8PM. The ride will average 20mph.

Our Women’s and Sunday rides will start soon!


Hillsboro Roubaix. This race is like the season opener for road racers. There’s always great competition and the course and field conditions always make for a challenging race. Good luck to everyone competing! For race details click here.

Ladies Dirt Days #1.  Head out to Palos and ride the trails in a fun and non-competitive environment. For details on the event click here.

Cherry Valley 20K TT. If time trials are more your style, gear up to give it all you’ve got. Cherry Valley is part of the MATT’s series, so if you’re going for the overall, be sure to get in this early season race. For details click here.

Leland Kermese. Get in your Belgian Spring classic fix in Leland, Illinois. This race will challenge even the heartiest of racers with gravel, whipping winds and whatever else Mother Nature dreams up. Practice up on your handling skills and crafty racing tactics and you’ll do well. For race details click here.


Women’s Cycling Clinic. Whether you’re an experienced racer trying to gain an edge or you like riding but don’t feel comfortable in all situations, our clinic is what you’re looking for! We have a great lineup of instructors including US Master’s Road Race champion, Wayne Simon. The event will be stationed at the Highland Park High School (in case of bad weather, we have use of the indoor track), for details or to register click here.

Women’s Track Clinic. Come out to the women’s clinic and learn the ins and outs of riding and racing at the velodrome. For details on the event click here

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Holiday Weekend

The springtime holidays generally allow for a little time away from the office. If you’re a cyclist, your idea of a vacation involves plenty of riding and good food to fuel your activities! I’ve spent the past week training in Marin County, California. I may have squeaked out a complaint or two about always having to go uphill, but I was always rewarded with spectacular scenery and fun and fast descents.
Closer to home, the forecast for this weekend’s weather is perfect for riding. Attend your favorite group ride or get in some solo training.
Upcoming Events:
Hillsboro RoubaixThis is like the season opener for cycling in the Midwest. Hillsboro Roubaix attracts large competitive fields as well as race distances and landscape to challenge each field. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to get in a good road race, so be sure to make plans to head south next weekend. For race details click here
Women’s Dirt Day’s Event #1 If you need to stay close to home but are looking for something fun and a little different, attend Women’s Dirt Day’s at Palos. For details on the first event and a schedule of upcoming rides, click here
Women’s Cycling Clinic. Although descending at speed isn’t something we need to worry about in Illinois, basic bike handling skills apply to every situation. Join us for our Women’s Cycling Clinic on April 22 and we’ll work to increase your ability to ride safely and efficiently. For more information click here
Women’s Track Cycling Clinic Come out to the Northbrook Velodrome and learn the basics of riding a fixed gear bike and riding and racing at the track. It’s a women’s only event, so it’s low key and stress free! For details click here
Have a great weekend!

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