afterglowThis weekend’s race may just be the epic mud-fest local cyclo-cross racers have been waiting for. Pack your mud tires, your least pristine jersey and a can of Pam spray (helps keep some of the mud off your cleats) and head out to the Afterglow race, located south of the Loop. Aside from the expected mud, the word on the street is the course is not too long, but is still guaranteed to provide plenty of pain and suffering. Sound like fun? Whether you plan to race or spectate, don’t miss out on a race so close to home.
Sunday Trail Ride – We’ll hit the trails again this Sunday. Join us for an 8AM start in the parking lot of the Daniel Wright woods.
The Afterglow – This year’s course is located in the Douglas Park Golf Course. For details, click here.
Coming up:
New Year’s Resolution Cross Races – Start your New Year off on the right foot and head back to the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort. You’ll have some time to recover from the holiday since the races are on January 5th and 6th. For race details click here.

This December weather is spectacular. Get out and enjoy and have a great weekend!


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