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Decisions, Decisions.

This weekend we’re finally getting a little relief from the cold and rain, so there’s more incentive to get out and enjoy a little pedaling time. There’s a wide range of cycling options over the next few weeks, so the hard part will be making a decision.


Whitnall Park – This course packs a lot of action into a mile loop. There’s a descent with a wide open sweeping corner which provides enough momentum to help even the most hill-phobic cyclists ascend the opposing climb. For race information, click here

Cobb Park Criterium – If flat and fast is what you’re looking for, this will be an easy pick for you. The course weaves through a riverside neighborhood, with a few good technical corners to challenge your skills. For race information, click here

Kettle Moraine Klassic Road Race – If hills are your friend and you want the opportunity to add a few miles into your strategy, this race is for you. Don’t forget, there aren’t many road races in our area, so weigh your options…. Click here for details

Women’s Group Ride Clinic – Most ride clinics are held on the weekends, and for those who miss out because of work, this is a nice option for you! Practice your group riding and paceline skills and meet a few new friends. For more information, click here

Coming up:

Women’s Track Cycling Clinic – If you’re even a little curious about learning how to ride a fixed gear bike or riding on a velodrome, attend this women’s only clinic. We’ll help you learn the fundamentals of track riding and racing. There are track bikes available to borrow for the event, just bring your pedals and we’ll set you up! For event details click here

Women’s Dirt Days Event #1 – Are you more the fat-tire and off-road type of girl? No worries, you’re all set with the Dirt Days events held at Palos Forest Preserve. Demo bikes will be available for the event. For more information, click here

Women’s Cycling Clinic – Getting ready for the summer cycling season? Get a tune-up on your road skills or build more confidence in you bike riding abilities at this women’s only clinic. For more details, click here

From the road to the track and even off-road, you’re covered. Get out and enjoy some great riding!


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bostonIt seems like a lifetime ago when I was running marathons. Having run Boston a few times, I have to say, it’s a race like no other. The city of Boston and communities on the route are relatively small and they seem to embrace the event. Little kids set up stations and hand out water, cut up oranges and sponges. The ladies at Wellesley provide a tunnel of cheering that encourages even the pro’s to fan out of formation in order to catch a little attention. It is an awesome feeling of welcome and celebration. My heart goes out to all who have been affected by this tragedy. Even though I’m no longer running marathons, I am an athlete and will stand together with those who have been affected by this tragedy.
Show your support and show your commitment to your sport and take part in your community this weekend! The cycling community has plenty to share, so get out and enjoy.
Saturday Morning Ride. Local women racers have organized another women’s ride tomorrow morning. The ride will depart from Chicago (Damen & Clybourn/Diversey) at 7:30AM and head to Highland Park and back. Ride pace determined by the group. For details, click here

Cherry Valley 20K TT- Planning on doing a stage race or triathlon? Get the practice you need to fine tune your TT skills at this race. For race details, click here

Coming up:
Whitnall Park Criterium. This course is on my favorites list. It’s located in a park, so it’s closed off from regular traffic. It’s a 1.1 mile loop which includes descending and climbing and feels a little like riding a roller coaster. For race details, click here

Cobb Park Criterium – This race has some history behind it. In its heyday, members of the professional 7-11 team competed here! It’s fairly technical and totally flat; a crit riders dream! For race details, click here

Kettle Moraine Klassic Spring Road Race – The roads in the Kettle Moraine are scenic, smooth and have a varied terrain, so this road race is bound to be good. There aren’t many road races in our area so take advantage of a great opportunity. For race details, click here

Be safe and have a great weekend!


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Lincoln Park Criterium

I felt a little like Dorothy earlier this week as I headed out on a training ride. It was cold and crazy windy! I thought to myself… what am I doing? Perhaps if we all tap our heels three times we would be transported into a warmer sunnier Chicago? We can always hope! Wind, rain, or maybe even snow, the races will continue this weekend. It’s spring in Chicago – never a dull moment.


Lincoln Park Criterium – It seems like we’ve had a reversal of seasons for the races at Montrose.
For last year’s cross race we enjoyed balmy and unseasonably warm weather. Fast forward to spring 2013 and we’re looking at chilly temps for Saturday’s criterium. The buzz on the street is that Chicagoans are hearty racers and will be there for this local event. For race details, click here
John Fraser Memorial TT – The time trial series is headed outdoors. Make your way to Maple Park this Sunday and see if you can improve your odds outside. For race details, click here

Coming Up:

Tuxedo Thunder Cat 5 Racing Clinic – Tuxedo Thunder Cycling team has teamed up with the Illinois Cycling Association for a beginner racer clinic. Skills and drills make you a safer and smarter racer! The event will be held at Labagh Woods. For more information, click here .
Cherry Valley 20K TT-Whether you’re looking to be a great all-around racer, triathlete or time trial specialist, the only way to improve is to practice, practice, and more practice. Head out to the Cherry Valley TT to test your fitness at the 20K distance. For more information, click here

Enjoy the weekend and see you on the road!

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Rain Dance Weekend

A true spring weather weekend is in the forecast. There’ll be sun, rain and mild temps – something we’ve all been waiting for! We’ll have to do our best rain dance to make sure the rain only falls when we’re sleeping or when we’ve finished riding our bikes. There are plenty of outdoor activities this weekend, let’s hope Mother Nature is cooperative and keeps the rain away long enough for us to have fun.
Spring Super Criterium- The season opener for the Illinois Cup is here! The racing begins at 8:30AM tomorrow on the speedway. For race details, click here
Kenosha Velosport Spring Training Crit #3 – The final race in this series is this Sunday. One more chance to get a tune up before things really heat up. For race details click on the Facebook link.
Coming Up:
Lincoln Park Criterium – For several years, XXX-racing held their annual criterium at Sherman Park on city’s south side. It was a no-corner crit, but great for beginners. Starting last year, they changed things up a bit and moved their race north. The race is now located near Montrose and the Lakefront. It’s a bit more technical, but sure to be fun. For more information, click here
John Fraser Memorial TT –The indoor series has come to an end, but the outdoor series is just beginning. Take it outside with this long standing TT. For more information, click here
Women’s Track Cycling Clinic Series Event #1 –Join us for the annual women’s track clinic at Northbrook. It’s a great place to learn how to ride a fixed gear and see if racing on the velodrome is for you. No need to commit to a bike, there are rentals available. All you need is your helmet, pedals and proper clothing and you’ll be all set. To register or to see the event flyer, click here
Have a great weekend!

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