Lincoln Park Criterium

I felt a little like Dorothy earlier this week as I headed out on a training ride. It was cold and crazy windy! I thought to myself… what am I doing? Perhaps if we all tap our heels three times we would be transported into a warmer sunnier Chicago? We can always hope! Wind, rain, or maybe even snow, the races will continue this weekend. It’s spring in Chicago – never a dull moment.


Lincoln Park Criterium – It seems like we’ve had a reversal of seasons for the races at Montrose.
For last year’s cross race we enjoyed balmy and unseasonably warm weather. Fast forward to spring 2013 and we’re looking at chilly temps for Saturday’s criterium. The buzz on the street is that Chicagoans are hearty racers and will be there for this local event. For race details, click here
John Fraser Memorial TT – The time trial series is headed outdoors. Make your way to Maple Park this Sunday and see if you can improve your odds outside. For race details, click here

Coming Up:

Tuxedo Thunder Cat 5 Racing Clinic – Tuxedo Thunder Cycling team has teamed up with the Illinois Cycling Association for a beginner racer clinic. Skills and drills make you a safer and smarter racer! The event will be held at Labagh Woods. For more information, click here .
Cherry Valley 20K TT-Whether you’re looking to be a great all-around racer, triathlete or time trial specialist, the only way to improve is to practice, practice, and more practice. Head out to the Cherry Valley TT to test your fitness at the 20K distance. For more information, click here

Enjoy the weekend and see you on the road!


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