Chicago’s Bike to Work Week

It’s been another exciting week of riding and racing in the Chicago area. Glencoe was a challenge for the women’s fields. The ¾ field had two bad crashes which prevented the completion of the race. The good news is that both ladies are on the mend and are expected to make full recoveries. In the pro ½ women’s race, the rain came down in buckets, making it difficult to see. The streets filled with lake-like puddles, but that didn’t stop the ladies from pushing forward. Kudos to all who raced last weekend! At the Northbrook Velodrome, we had another chilly, but dry night of racing. Ladies, if you’re just a little curious about racing at the track, come out and try it!

There’s no stopping the train now! We’re in full swing for summer racing with many spectacular races and events to come. Check out the list below for what’s ahead in the next few weeks.

Tour of Galena – The racing gets underway in just a few hours for this year’s Tour of Galena. The event has an overall/omninum competition, but you may also sign up to race individual races as well. Today begins with a circuit race and in the following days there will be a time trial, road race and criterium. For details on all the races, click here

Women’s Dirt Days #2 – This time the ladies are heading to the Kettle to get in a little off-road action. It’s a great opportunity to learn a few skills and explore new trails on your mountain bike. For more information go to!/events/614312621912523/

Harvard 33.3 Time Trial – Get your mental game on and head out to this classic course in Harvard, IL. For details on the event, click here
Coming up:
Bike to Work Week – If you’ve been looking for a good reason to start riding into work, this is it! This coming week is Chicago’s Bike to Work Week. There’ll be special cycling events all week long, including the Commuter Challenge and the Bike to Work Rally. It’s going to be a great week, so throw out your excuses and start riding to work. For details on the upcoming events, click here

O’Fallon Grand Prix Omnium –It’s a bit of a hike to get to O’Fallon, but there’ll be a full weekend of racing to make the drive worthwhile. The omnium includes a time trial, the Illinois State road race and a criterium. For information on all the races, click here

Women’s Track Cycling Clinic at the CVC – Come out and join us for a great day of track riding. You’ll learn the basics as well as the skills you need to ride on a steep track. The clinic will include track certification and a few practice races AND to celebrate we’ll have a post event bbq! For details on the event or to register, click here

Scarletfire 2 Person Time Trial – It takes a lot of mental toughness to race well in time trials, but the pain can be a little more satisfying if you’ve got someone to share the work with! Get your partner and head out to this classic Midwestern course in Garden Prairie, IL. For information on the event, click here

Have a great weekend!


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