Nelson VailsLast night was a special evening at the Northbrook Velodrome. Racers and fans were out in full force as it was the Illinois State Championships for the Points Race- one of the favorite mass start events. To bring things to another level, Olympic silver medalist, Nelson Vails was also in attendance. Vails is not only an incredibly talented athlete, he’s also humble and very down to earth. He was more than happy to share in the excitement of the races, asking everyone if they were having fun. For the podium winners, Vails presented the State Championship jerseys. Very cool!

If you’re bummed about missing Vails, don’t be. He’s heading to the Chicago Velo Campus on Saturday for their final Sprint Double Sprint Clinic. The details are listed below.

Bloomington Jaycee Criterium – If you like corners, chances are you’ll like this course. There are 8 corners in this 1K course and some change in elevation as well. It’s located in downtown Bloomington, so there’s plenty to do on and off your bike. For details on the event, click here

Sprint Double Sprint Clinic – Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Olympic silver medalist, Nelson Vails at Chicago Velo Campus’ final sprint clinic of the season. For details on the event click!/events/420879108017306/

Double Bong Time Trial – It’s the Wisconsin State Time trial held on the infamous Bong Recreational Center course in southern Wisconsin. For details on the event, click here

Jackson Park Two Person Relay Cross – This is the Chi-Cross Cup Series big kick-off event. It’s fun, but still very competitive. From crazy costumes to a Le Mans style start, it’ll be a busy day on the south side. For details, click here

Coming Up:
Gateway Cup – This is the last major series for the summer in the Midwest. There are four days of racing around the St. Louis area and the courses and competition is typically top notch. If you’re looking for one more big hurrah, this is the ticket. For event details, click here

USAC Illinois State Time Trial Championships – The Illinois State Time Trial Championships include both 20K and 40K courses. Licensed riders competing for championship jerseys need to preregister. For information on the event, click here

Cherry Valley 20K TT – Head out to another local favorite. This 20K course is located near Rockford and offers a great experience on and off the bike. For information on the race, click here

Have a great weekend!


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