2013 Master’s World Track Cycling Championships

IMG_0248This week’s big news comes to you from Manchester, England, the site of the 2013 Master’s World Track Cycling Championships. Athletes from every continent around the globe have been competing all week for a chance to earn the rainbow stripes (world championship designation). Just as impressive as the athletes is the athletic center here in Manchester. The Velodrome is a wooden 250 meter track with 43 degree banking, which has been host to the world’s best track cyclists. More recently the facility has added an indoor BMX course as well as an outdoor mountain bike park – I’m so jealous! For more information on the events, click here http://www.cyclingmasters.com/site/.

At home there’s still plenty of fun to be had! Check the listing below for the riding options available.

Kit up n Chat Ride – It’s team Project 5’s annual women’s ride and lunch. The event is open to all levels of riders and it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends or meet new ones! The ride route features scenic flat and rolling terrain and is a no-drop ride. Lunch is provided by the team and is held in the park. For more information, click here https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwOVwWPSYdl8eWdBVUlGT0Fmck0/edit?usp=sharing&pli=1.

Chi-cross Cup Series Race #3 – This week’s race heads back to the south sides Beverly neighborhood in the Dan Ryan Woods. There’s free food for pre-registered riders, including Italian sausage, bratwurst and even Vegan links! Since the Chicago Marathon is on the same day, make sure to allow extra travel time to make it to your race on time! For more information, click here http://chicrosscup.com/.

Coming up:
Chi-cross Cup Series Race #4 – Next week the series heads to Golf Farm in Wauconda for Psycho-cross. This race is a big power course, which is mostly flat with some long straight-aways. The bonus feature is the Bridge of Sighs flyover, which will add some excitement to the racing. For race details, click here http://www.psychocrosschicago.com/schedule.

Lakefront TTT – There’s still time to get yourself and three friends together to hammer out a short, hard effort in this team time trial. It’s a 5.2K race to mark the grand opening of the new southern extension of Lakeshore drive. For race details or to register, click here https://s3.amazonaws.com/USACFlyers/FL_2013-3712.pdf.

Have a great weekend!


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