Double Cross Weekend

Bridge of SighsSomeone turned off the heat off around here! Time to pull out the cold weather gear to make sure your outdoor adventures are not spoiled by a miserable chill. Be sure to wear a decent base layer, and either a long sleeved jersey or a short sleeve/vest combo. Don’t try to be cool, cover up those knees with leg or knee warmers and your joints will thank you later. Mid-weight long fingered gloves will keep your fingers happy and enable you to manage your bike without issue. Lastly, don’t forget your toes. Even a sock-like pair of shoe covers will help keep your toes toasty. Cold feet are not fun.
There, now that you’re prepared to ride, take a look at the current options and get out and have some fun.

Chi-cross Cup Series Race #4 – It’s time to head out to apple orchard country in Wauconda for this week’s Psycho-cross. This course will challenge your strength with grass, sand, dirt and miscellaneous landscaping materials –ouch! The other big feature of this course is a locally constructed Bridge of Sighs flyover. There are still open slots for racing, so if you haven’t registered, there’s still time to get in on the fun. For race details, click here

Chi-Cross Cup Race Series #5 – The promoters of the Carpenter Park race in St Charles have timed things right to bring you a great autumn race during Carpentersville’s Oktoberfest. The race will take you over rolling fields and through a twisty corn field. Other obstacles may include the Corn Chucker (a converted water balloon launcher) and Sasquatch. If you make it through to the end, there’ll be plenty of celebrating for all ages at the festival. For event details, click here

Coming up:
Lakefront TTT – Just a week until the unveiling of the new southern extension of Lakeshore drive. Be part of the celebratory team time trial race which will be held on the smooth and fast new pavement! You’ll need a few friends and the race will be over in a flash, but it’ll be so much fun. For race details or to register, click here

Chi-Cross Cup Race Series #6 – Next week the series heads to Bartlett’s Sunrise Park. The park is one of Bartlett’s largest and features rolling hills and wooded areas – perfect for a master cross course designer! For information on the upcoming race, click here

Bundle up when you head outside and have a great weekend!


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