Fall Back Weekend

Feel like you could use an extra hour of sleep? You’re in luck because it’s time change weekend and from Saturday to Sunday we get an extra hour of Z’s!

The extra hour of sleep may be just what you need to battle the mud that is sure to be part of any cross race this weekend. We’ve had plenty of rain over the last few days, so the ground should be soaked and there should be plenty of puddles. Get ready for a mud fest!

Estabrook Park – This race is an oldie but goodie! It has the typical cross course barriers, but it also has some off-road/mountain bike terrain as well. It doesn’t always have to be about GRASS, so give it a try! For more information, click here http://wicycling.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/EP-2013-flyer.pdf.

Chi-Cross Cup Race Series #7 – Halloween isn’t over, at least for the promoters of the Campton Cross race. Along with a challenging course which includes plenty of elevation changes, there will be also be a competition for the best dressed cross racer. For race details, click here http://chicrosscup.com/schedule/.

Coming up:
Rhythm & Blues Cross Race – New to racing cross and a little intimidated by the large fields at the Chi-cross cup series? Give this new race a try and get your feet wet in cross racing competition. Proceeds for the event benefit the Evanston-Wilmette Community Golf Course. For more information, click here https://www.bikereg.com/Net/21728.

Sadie Hawkins Ride- Get your hipster move on and head to this scavenger hunt type race. It’s all about fun and strategy! The best part about this event is that it is a fundraiser for the Chicago Women’s Health Center. Registration begins at 3pm in Palmer Square Park and the race will kick off at 4pm. Post-race activities include a dance beginning at 9:30pm. For event details, click herehttp://www.sadiehawkinschi.com/# .

Chi-Cross Cup Race Series #8 – Psi-clocross for Life will be held in Woodstock, Ill. The course is wide open and hilly, so it’s sure to be a lung burner! For more information, click here http://chicrosscup.com/.

Have a great weekend!


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