Rockin Weekend

WoodstockIt’s a music themed weekend here in Chicago with a couple of great cross races and another competition that will wrap up with music and dancing. Can’t go wrong with that! Check below to plan out your activities, but also check the weather before you head out the door. The temps will vary from day to day, so be prepared to layer up or down!

Rhythm & Blues Cross Race – Word on the street is that Jake and Elwood are back in town and will be shaking things up in the burbs just north of Chicago. Take part in the fun and join other racers for the Rhythm & Blues cross race. The fields are growing, but they’re not expected to be the size of your typical Chi-cross cup events. A real bonus if you’re new to the sport! Proceeds for the event benefit the Evanston-Wilmette Community Golf Course. For more information, click here

Sadie Hawkins Ride- This is the 8th Annual Sadie Hawkins Style ride with style being a key word in this event. It’s a partner’s race which welcomes all types of riders and strongly encourages women’s participation. The event is a fundraiser for the Chicago Women’s Health Center, so it’s a great way to have fun for a good cause. Registration begins at 3pm in Palmer Square Park and the race will kick off at 4pm. Post-race activities include a dance beginning at 9:30pm. For event details, click here

Chi-Cross Cup Race Series #8 – It’s not the rock-fest Woodstock you’re thinking of, but it is the Psi-clocross for Life race in Woodstock, Ill. The course favors power riders, with its wide open stretches and hills. For more information, click here

Coming Up:
Chi-Cross Cup Race Series #9 & #10 – It’s another double race weekend at the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort. All the action in one spot, with all the amenities a bike racer could want. There’s always a party scene on Saturday night at the hotel. What will your strategy be? Stay at the hotel and have a great time, knowing you can roll right out of bed the next day to race. Or, is the plan to race, go home and rest and gain an advantage through sleep? Either way you’re sure to have fun. For race and hotel details, click here–10 .

Have a great weekend!


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