Cyclo-Cross Overload

jinglebellsIt’s a pretty big race weekend in the Midwest with a major series in Iowa City and a double duty weekend at home. So many choices for cross racers this weekend! The weather will play a big factor in the outcome of the races as it is expected to be warm, but windy and rainy. Let the good times begin!

Jingle Cross Rock – Although it’s not quite holiday time, it is time for Jingle Cross Rock. It’s an annual series in Iowa City, which includes UCI races in both the men and women’s fields. The first race is this evening, “under the stars” followed by races on Saturday & Sunday. For details on all the racing, click here

Chi-Cross Cup Race Series #9 & #10 – For those who want to stay local and continue to earn points in the CCC series, the only option is to head to Hilton Indian Lakes Resort. It’s a great place to race, party and then race again and that’s what many will do! The course is not technical, as it is located on a golf course, BUT things may change up a bit if you have to factor in rain. Will it be dry and fast or will it be muddy and slick? Whatever the conditions, it’s sure to be fun. For race and hotel details, click here–10.

Kringle Kross – Another holiday themed race this weekend? Not quite! This race is named after the famous Wisconsin a pastry, but it may be best to hold off from eating any until after racing! This Wisconsin race is held in Hales Corner, not far from Milwaukee. For race details click here

Coming Up:
Chi-Cross Cup Race Series #11 –Melas CX – Basin Racin. Next week’s race is located in Mt Prospect. This is the final regular CCC race before the State Championships in December. It may be the last race in the series, but the promoters want you to remember the course vividly. In the past, the course has included many an obstacle to keep racers on honest and on their toes! For details on the event, click here .

Booty Cross – A name like that is bound to draw some attention! If you’re a little curious and want to take a little drive to Madison, then you should check it out. For details, click here

Have a great weekend!


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