Illinois State Cyclo-Cross Championships

snowmanThe cold weather has come in just in time for the State Championship Cyclo-Cross races. But never has a cold day deterred the competitive spirit of the hearty Chicago racers. Last year the weather was balmy, but I’d have to say that’s not the norm for this championship. More often than not, the temps range from the single digits to the mid-teens and of course, snow is often a feature. Teams will bring out tents, heaters, grills and other tools to keep warm and the atmosphere will be buzzing with excitement.

Whatever your choice for riding is this weekend, know that there is still plenty of action around here. Check below for a few of the upcoming events.

Events:Chi-cross Cup 10 year Anniversary Party – Cyclo-cross in Chicago is huge, but it is so thanks to the efforts of the Chi-Cross Cup promoters and all of the super-enthusiastic riders. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series, the Bonebell is hosting a party. There’ll be food, music, drinks and PRIZES! Don’t miss out! For details, click here

State Cyclo-Cross Championships – It’s a two day affair for the State Cross Championships held at Montrose and the Lakefront. The course outline is similar to previous years, but with the weather coming in this weekend, it’s anyone’s guess what the course will really be like. How much sand will riders have to contend with? Only Mother Nature knows! Whether you compete or just spectate, Montrose is always fun. For event details, click here

Coming Up:
Midwest Regional Cyclo-Cross Championships – Don’t put the cross bikes away just yet, there’s still plenty of big racing ahead. Next week is the Midwest Championships to be held at the Dan Ryan Woods in the Beverly neighborhood. This course is used in the early cross season and it’s a favorite of many. What will the course look like on December 21st? That’s anyone’s guess! For race information, click here

Annual Women’s End of the Season Dinner – When all the racing is done for the season, there’s no better way to reminisce on all the fun then attending the Women’s Dinner. Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 18. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend!


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