More Racing Ahead in August


It’s been an incredible run for the cycling scene over the past few months. As we head into the month of August it may appear as though things are cooling down. Not so! The track scene is really beginning to heat up with many state championship jerseys yet to be awarded as well as some of the major races like the Rodger Delange race for men and the Elaine Nekritz race for women.  There are also several local road races (crits, road and TT’s), which can make for really fun competition with your friends.  Read on for what’s ahead!


Events – This Weekend:


Two Rivers Road Race – This road race looks to be the power rider’s specialty. There are a fair amount of miles with barely a hill. Your greatest obstacle may be wind and maybe a little heat.  For details, click here.


Bryce Master 19K TT – Located in Harvard, IL, this time trial is an odd-distance, being shy of the typical 20K, but it’s still a good course and if you’re competing in overall for the MATT’s series, it’s a must! For information on the race, click here.


Illinois State Track Championships – Northbrook will be busy this coming Monday and Tuesday as racers compete for the Illinois State Championships for timed and team events. For a listing of events and schedule, click here.


Coming up:


Villa Park Grand Prix – The fun continues with this local flat, four corner crit. There aren’t many local crits left this season, so be sure to head out and have some fun. For race information, click here.


Women’s Dirt Days # 4 – The ladies are heading back to Palos for the 4th in this series of mountain bike rides. It’s a great way to have fun on the trails no matter if you’re brand new to the sport or an experienced rider. For details on the event, click here.


Wisconsin State TT Championship – This race is the third in the Bong Series Trilogy. It’s two laps on the course, competing for the Wisconsin State jersey. If you’re from Illinois you can’t compete for the jersey, but you can still go for the win and great competition. For more information, click here.


Have a great weekend!



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