Master’s Track Nationals

This week I’m reporting in from Master’s Track Nationals at the Marymoor Velodrome in Redmond, Washington. Marymoor is a 400 meter track – which is very long by track standards. But, unlike most long tracks, this one has a fair amount of banking.  There are long straight-aways and the finish line is very close to turn one. Can you say, that’s a long way to the finish line?! The Chicago area racers have been making note of all the nuances of this track and are getting in on all the action. Racing began on Tuesday and will continue through Sunday. To see what’s ahead or how your fellow Chicagoans are doing, click here.


Bloomington Criterium –You did it! A challenge was thrown out to the ladies that if we could pull together 15 pre-registered riders for the women’s open race, a prize purse equal to the men’s field would be awarded. The challenge was not only met but exceeded! There are some heavy hitters already signed up, but there’s still space for more. It’s a great course and it is this year’s Illinois State Criterium Championship. For race information, click here. 

Relay Cross – This race is fun to compete in and maybe even a little more fun to watch. Pair up with your best buddy and get your cross racing on! For more information, click here.

Women’s Events:

Skirts in the Dirt – This is Michigan’s first ever women’s mountain bike race and expo. The race is open to all categories of riders and there is a skills clinic as well. If you’re looking for a little off-road fun, this may be just the ticket! For details on the event, click here.

Women’s Team Open House – At this year’s relay cross you’ll have the opportunity to meet representatives from local women’s teams. If you’re new to racing and are looking for teammates, this is a great place to start. For information on the event, click here.

Coming Up:

Cherry Valley 20K Time Trial – Head out to the Rockford area for this 20K challenge. There are two turns and one turnaround, making it a relatively fast course.  For details on the event, click here.

ABR Team Time Trial –The team time trial is one of my favorite events. It’s challenging, but it’s a team effort. No one person wins this race, only teamwork gets you to the finish line fastest. Get your friends together for race day, which is September 7. Race details are still trickling in, but the event will be held on a course in Kankakee. Click here to check the ABR website for any updates.

Have a great weekend!marymoor track nationals


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