Big Marsh Mashdown

This week is dedicated to off-road riding, but last week I spent the week in Manchester, England participating in the UCI Worlds Master’s Track Cycling event. I went into the competition with the fear of the unknown. I was unfamiliar with the track, unfamiliar with the competition and a little unsure of myself and how prepared I was to compete at this level. I’ve returned home more inspired than ever to build this beautiful cycling discipline! In the Chicago area, we are very fortunate to have several velodromes nearby. If you haven’t made it out to try, you need to! Put it on your list of goals for next season and be part of this wonderful community of riders. For information on last week’s events, click here.

Whether you’re riding in the dirt, on the road or on a track, it’s all about having fun and being active. This week the fun continues with the local racing and fabulous outdoor opportunities. Read on for details!


Big Marsh Mashdown – Come out and join the fun at the Big Marsh Mashdown, an event to promote and raise funds for the Big Marsh Bike Park Project. It’ll be a day full of activities including wacky bike races, guided walking and bike tours and more. This site is being developed as Chicago’s first eco-recreation park. It will provide new space for outdoor activities, including cycling and hiking, and more importantly providing opportunities to those who may not have access to outdoor recreation. It’s located on the south side of the city, once dedicated to the steel industry. Be part of this wonderful conversion. For details on the event, click here.

Chicross Cup Race Series Event #4 – This week’s race is in Carpenter Park. The course will keep you on your toes, as it is designed with lots of twists and turns, power sections and a 7’ berm for climbing and descending. If that isn’t enough, there’s a cornfield, which includes a pump track section! When you’re race is over, there’s no need to rush home since this race is held in conjunction with Carpeterville’s Oktoberfest. There’s food, beer and even a petting zoo! For more information, click here.

Coming Up:

Rhythm & Blues Revue Cross Race – Jake and Ellwood will be travelling north of the City, making a stop in Evanston for the Rhythm & Blues Cross race. The race will be held on the Evanston-Wilmette Community Golf Course, which means you’re guaranteed to have a few power sections and sand! For details on the event, click here.

Chicross Cup Race Series Event #5 – Next week it’s off to Bartlett for ABD’s Sunrise Park course. This course always features great technical design, but it’s also one of the longest in the series. No matter the distance or challenge this course throws at you, you’ll need to keep your composure, at least when you pass by the original Heckle Hill. For details on the race, click here.

As always, have a great weekend and enjoy the great outdoors!

 Big Marsh Trail


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