Happy Halloween

We can certainly paint a wicked picture of this Halloween with dark skies and the cold and blustery weather we have today. That just means you’ll have to put on a few more layers to enjoy your favorite sport. There are plenty of great events ahead, and a few chances to scare your opponents with a ghoulish costume. Check the listings below for your cycling options and don’t forget you get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday.


Estabrook Park Cross This is still one of my all-time favorite cross courses and it’s considered a classic, since it’s been around since 1996. It’s located in a Milwaukee park and it offers up natural elements to challenge your technical skills. To make things even more fun – at least after the race, they are offering free Hofbrau beer and Usinger sausage to all participants! For race information, click here.

Chicross Cup Race Series Event #6 – This week the series heads to St. Charles for Campton Cross, one of the original courses in the CCC series.  Although there will be plenty of suffering, you’ll be able to mask your pain and show your game face when you come dressed for Halloween. Don’t miss out on all the fun. For race details, click here.

Coming Up:

Chicross Cup Race Series Event #7 – Next week the series heads to Woodstock for the Psi-Clocross for Life race. This course has a variety of challenges including wooded downhills and climbs, wide open grass power sections, a few off camber turns and a volleyball pit. You’ll need all your skills to power your way through this course, but it should be fun. For race details, click here.

Camrock Cross – Head north to Cambridge, Wisconsin for another great cyclo-cross course. This race is held in Camrock Park, which is a 422 acre park with many outdoor options – including cycling! For details on the race, click here.

Sadie Hawkins Style Ride – This isn’t your typical bike race, but strategy, skill, style and teamwork will get you to the finish line ahead of your competitors. Sound interesting? Even better, the race is a fundraiser for the Chicago Women’s Health Center. Registration begins at 3pm in Palmer Square Park and the race will kick off at 4pm. Post-race activities include a dance beginning at 7:30pm. For event details, click here.

Have a spooktacular weekend!



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