Double Header Weekend

What a difference a week makes! That’s something we as Midwesterners understand all too well, at least when it comes to the weather. Last Weekend we enjoyed pretty typical crisp fall weather. This weekend as we head outside, we’ll need our cold weather gear and depending on what Mother Nature decides, we may also need to consider proper equipment for snow. Whatever the conditions, it’s a big race weekend, so pack your bag and equipment for any and all conditions.


Jingle Cross – All cross racers will be have their eyes on the races in Iowa City this weekend as the 11th annual Jingle Cross gets underway. There are three days of racing, which include amateur and professional classes.  There’s a lot on the line and with the potential for crazy weather conditions, the racing may be more exciting than in years past. For details on the events, click here.

Chicross Cup Race Series Events #8 & #9 –This double header weekend is a favorite with the younger racers, as they typically enjoy the weekend away, racing and enjoying a party scene in the non-race hours. The race is on the golf course at the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort. You’d think that would boring, but the promoters do a great job on course design. The features include a steep hill, several sand traps, undulating grass sections and paved cart sections. Head out for one or both days! For race information, click here.

Kringle Kross – Named the official state pastry of Wisconsin, the Kringle Danish not only brings you a favorite treat, but a great race as well. Head just west of Milwaukee for a fun-filled cross race. For details on the event, click here.

Coming Up:

Chicross Cup Race Series Event #10 – Next week the series heads to Mt Prospect for the Melas Park Basin Racin. The main feature of this course is a very large water retention area (the basin), which is at least 50’ deep with sides sloping about 30 degrees (sounds like a velodrome to me). The course also features a double sandpit, a hill and a wooded area. Plenty of work at this race!! For details, click here.

Winter Training Clinic – Wondering how you are going to get through the coming winter and be ready to race next spring? Attend this upcoming clinic at BFF Bikes and learn about training devices and methods. Get a jumpstart on your training and plan to attend. For details, click here.

Dress for the weather, get out and have a great weekend!

Jingle Cross


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