Basin Racin

This week we’ve had record breaking low temperatures, but this weekend we’re in for a thaw! The forecast is not only for warmer weather, but wet weather as well. For many cross racers, the rain and mud will be welcome features, others, not-so-much! Whatever your preference, you’ll need to be prepared with lots of gear and a good strategy to tackle the challenges in this week’s racing. Get ready!!


Chicross Cup Race Series Event #10 – This week the series heads to Mt Prospect for the Melas Park Basin Racin. The main feature of this course is a very large water retention area (the basin), which is at least 50’ deep with sides sloping about 30 degrees. The course also features a double sandpit, a hill and a wooded area. For details, click here.

Winter Training Clinic – Wondering how you are going to get through the coming winter and be ready to race next spring? Attend this upcoming clinic at BFF Bikes and learn about training devices and methods. Get a jumpstart on your training and plan to attend. For details, click here.

Coming Up:

Norge Ski Jump Cyclo-Cross – With an off-week for the Chi-cross Cup series, and the State Championships the following week, make plans to keep your training intact and head out to Fox River Grove for this post-holiday race. The Ski Jump course doesn’t have a ton of space, but what it lacks in land, it makes up for in challenges.  Plan ahead for vertical obstacles and plenty of turns. For details on the event, click here.

Chicross Cup Race Series #11 – The final event in this series is the State Championships, at Montrose Harbor. While parts of the course are a given – Cricket Hill, others are not. The course is located on the lakefront where things can change significantly, overnight! Be prepared for sand, wind and typically snow and cold. For details, click here.

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!rain


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