State Championship Weekend

It’s a State Championship kind of weekend in this part of the Midwest. Saturday’s the big day for our neighbors to the north, with the Wisconsin State Championships being held in Milwaukee. Sunday is the big day for Illinois, with our State Championships being held at Montrose and the Lakefront. We’ve been given a great weekend for riding and racing, so enjoy whatever you do outside this weekend!



Wisconsin State Cyclocross Championships – The Wisconsin State Championships are being held in Dretzka Park, which is located on the north of side of Milwaukee. This park is also a golf course, so you know there’ll be sand, but there are plenty of trees and hills to make this course fun and challenging. Use this as a prep for Sunday, or make it your race for the weekend. For race information, click here.

 Chicross Cup Race Series #11 – The final event in this series is the Illinois State Championships, at Montrose Harbor. Unlike the frozen tundra we’ve experienced on this course in the past, this year the course should be softer and maybe even a little muddy. Mud or not, the racers will still have to contend with the sand, long straight-aways, and of course, Cricket Hill. It’ll be a great day of racing and spectating and it’s close to home! For details, click here.

Coming Up:

Miller Chill Cyclocross Race – This race is held in one of Bloomington’s best known parks, Miller Park. The course features paved sections, sand, woods and a bridge, which is used as a flyover. It’s about a 2 hour drive to this event, and it’ll probably have the feel of a good local race. For more information, click here.

Midwest Regional Cyclocross Championships – This year the Midwest Regional cross championships will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The course utilizes the varying landscape of Miller Park, including a small bowl and a challenging uphill.  You can get a preview of the course during Saturday’s race and then go full steam for the championships on Sunday. For more information, click here.

Have a great weekend!images


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