Tour of Galena & Keirin Racing


It may be the first weekend in June, but it feels like April because of the chilly temps. Despite the roller coaster weather, the racing season is charging forward with lots of fun and adventure. Check the listings below for cycling events in our area.



Tour of Galena – The race begins today with a circuit race for the pro ½ fields. The remaining stages include a time trial, road race and a criterium. Riders can compete in the overall or each stage independently. This race is a great opportunity for all riders, as it has some challenging courses and great competition. For race information, click here.

Women’s Dirt Days Event #2 –Whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker, or just beginning, this series is perfect to get out and have fun on the trails in a non-competitive environment. Event #2 will be this Sunday at the Kettle, setting off from the John Muir trailhead. For more information, click here. Plan ahead for event #3, which will be at Palos on July 5!

Bong and a Half Time Trial – It’s back to the Bong course and this time it’s for a lap and a half. If you’re new to time trials or even a seasoned racer, you can always appreciate this course. All right turns, no turn-arounds and no crossing traffic. For race information, click here.

Track Events:

Keirin Night at Northbrook – This coming Thursday, Northbrook’s featured race is the Keirin. This is a race where riders are paced up to speed by a motored vehicle, often a derny, after several laps, the derny pulls off and the race for the win begins. It’s an exciting race to participate in as well as spectate. Come out and check it out. For information on the racing, click here.

Midwest Challenge- Head to Indy for a weekend full of high caliber track racing. There are both mass start and timed events. For event details, click here.

Coming Up:

Wisconsin State Criterium Championships – You may not be from Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete in their championship races (you just can’t be awarded the championship). Located southwest of Milwaukee, this 8 corner crit course is flat and fast. For race information, click here.

Tour of America’s Dairyland (ToAD) –Wisconsin’s biggest racing series begins Thursday, June 18. There are 11 stages throughout the state, which draw riders from around the country and beyond. Click here for Tour and stage details.

Set a Goal:

Midwest Women’s Road Race Championships – Plan ahead to head out to this spectacular women’s race. Make it your goal to come home with the Midwest Road Racing Champions jersey. The course is a 14.6 mile loop with a short uphill kicker, sweeping rollers and flat sections through the farmlands of Ohio. It also includes sections once used in the 1980 Olympic qualifying event, which featured three-time Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond. The course starts in the small town of Zanesfield Ohio and also goes through the quaint village of Alexandria. For race information, click here.

Have a great weekend!


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