Labor Day Weekend


Time flies when you’re having fun and we’ve had a lot of fun during this summer cycling season. And, although we’re heading into fall, there’s still so much ahead. This weekend is all about the road scene and in a few weeks we’ll begin the transition into cross and other fun fall events. See the listings below for what’s happening nearby.


Gateway Cup – There’s a hot weekend of racing ahead in St. Louis. The four day series kicks off today with the classic nighttime race in Lafayette Square. It’s a four corner crit, which is made a bit more challenging by the shadows in-between the darkness and light! The other three races are all in historic areas around St Louis, but become a bit more technical and challenging as the days go on. For information on all the races, click here.

Rapha Pop-Up – Yesterday was the grand opening of the Rapha Pop Up –Chicago and it was a hit! But, the fun continues with great events and rides throughout the month of September. The rides will be on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s with a few extra sprinkled throughout the month. This week’s events include 5×5 Intervals and a Women’s Brunch and Roundtable. For details on all the events, click here.

MATTS Finale TT – This time trial course in Harvard, Illinois, is used a few times during the racing season. The roads are pretty pristine for the early part of the course, but are a little bumpy before the turnaround. The course, at 34.7K is a little shy of the standard 40K, but it’s a local favorite. It’s the final in the MATT’s series, so if you’re in the running, you better be there! For race information, click here.


Track Events:

Closing Night & Cookout –The points have all been tallied, but there’s still racing ahead and it’s just for fun. They’ll have some typical races, but they’ll also toss in a few fun ones like the track stand competition and an official’s race. Come out to race, enjoy the cookout and celebrate the end of another successful season. For information, click here.

Coming Up:

ABR 4 Person Team Time Trial –This is one of the most challenging and rewarding events around. You’ll ride your heart out, but it will all be for a team effort. Efficiency is key, so practice cornering and plan ahead to conquer the wind. For race information, click here.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!


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