Autumnal Equinox


The Equinox represents a time when night and day are nearly equal. This weekend, it seems there is a nearly equal distribution of types of cycling events in our area. Cross season is really gearing up, while the road season is winding down, but there is fun all-around and the weather is just about perfect. See the events below for all the ways to have fun on your bike in our area.



Fall Fling – The road season continues will this classic fall series. This weekend the series begins with a not-too-technical, four corner criterium at Pella Windows. On Sunday the series heads to Dekalb for a 9.5 mile time trial with two 180 degree turns. The series includes category fields as well as master’s fields for both men and women. If you’re not ready for the road season to be over, these races are a lot of fun. For race information, click here.

Rapha Pop-Up- Chicago – There’s been a lot of action on Halsted Street for the last few weeks and the fun continues for a few more days. Join the Rapha crew as they head out on the final few group rides. Saturday, the ride departs at 8AM, and Sunday, a group will be heading to the season opener for the Chi-cross Cup at Caldwell woods. The final group ride will be a morning lakefront ride on the 22nd. For details on all things Rapha Pop-Up Chicago, click here.

Chi-cross Cup Series Race #1 –Ready or not, here we go! Chicago’s cross season begins with the Caldwell Woods course, located on the north side of the city. Once the site of great winter tobogganing, it’s now a great cross course. There’s everything from hills, off camber turns, tight corners and long power sections. It’ll be a great place to get the season underway. For race information, click here.

Lake Geneva Cross – Wisconsin also has a great series of cross races and if you’re looking to get out of town, this might be just what you’re looking for. The course will challenge you with grass, sand, gravel, pavement and hills. What else could you ask for?! For race details, click here.

North Shore Century – Fall officially begins this coming Wednesday, perfect timing for the annual North Shore Century. This is a local favorite amongst racers and casual riders alike. You can gear up to ride 25, 50, 62 or a full century. Don’t miss out on this fully supported and fun event. For ride information, click here.

Coming Up:

Fall Fling – The series continues at the Dupage Business Park, which is just across the street from the first week’s Pella Windows course. Saturday’s race is a circuit course, which is not too technical, but more rangy than your typical crit. Sunday’s course is a shorter version of Saturday’s course and includes a hairpin turn. The final day typically includes a bbq for all participants. Not a bad way to end the series! For race information, click here.

Cross-Shooshko –Looking to improve your technical cyclo-cross skills? Head just over the border to Milwaukee for this technically challenging course with rolling hills. It’s located in Kosciuszko Park, and now that you’ve mastered the name, challenge yourself to master the course. For race information, click here.

Humboldt Park Cross – Not to be confused with Chicago’s Humboldt Park, this race is located in Milwaukee and is part of the Wisconsin Cross series. If you’re looking to race cross, head north this weekend. For race information, click here.

Have a great weekend!


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