UCI Masters’ World Track Cycling


This week I’m reporting to you from Manchester, England. I’m here competing in the UCI Masters’ World Championships for track cycling. It’s been a fantastic week of racing for both myself and all the other competitors. It’s so incredible to see athletes from the earliest age categories (35+) up to 80 years, competing at this level. While the competition is certainly fierce, off the track, athletes from around the world share a common bond and many smiles. Just another reminder to strive to reach your goals, no matter what your age and keep moving yourself forward. The races wrap up on Saturday evening. For information on all the events, click here.


Trek CXC Cup –Starting today, Waterloo, Wisconsin will be where the epicenter of the cyclo-cross world. There’ll be everything from a women’s social, clinics and of course, racing! This is a UCI event, so the biggest names in cross will be there. There will also be amateur racing on a technically challenging course. For a full listing of all the events, click here.

Chicross Cup Series Race #3 – This week’s race will be held at the Dan Ryan Woods, which is a gem on the south side of the city. Located near the Beverly neighborhood, this course offers climbing, which leads to some fast descents. There are also flat open areas, a section that winds through the trees and a set of flagstone steps to run up. It’s a great course right here in the city. For race details, click here.

Track Cycling:

Track Cycling Banquet – The 2015 track cycling season for the Ed Rudolph Velodrome is over. Time to celebrate the success of the season at the annual banquet. The banquet will be held this Sunday, October 11 at EJ’s Place in Skokie. Don’t miss out on all the fun and don’t forget to say hello and thank you to EJ for his huge contribution to cycling in the Chicagoland area. For information on the banquet, click here.

Coming Up:

Pumpkin Cross – Just north of Milwaukee is the town of Grafton and home to Pumpkin Cross. If you like the challenge of a big climb and technical riding that’ll take you on a slalom descent and through gravel, this may be perfect for you. The race is part of Wisconsin’s Super Cup series. For race information click here.

Chicross Cup Series Race #4 –Next week’s race heads to Elgin. While in the same town, this is a new venue at Randall Oaks Park, which is located 3.5 miles from Carpenter Park (previous course location). We’ll have to wait and see what Main Street Bicycles and Sasquatch Squadron dream up for a fun and competitive course. For race details, click here.

Have a great weekend!



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