Pumpkin Cross


The temps have been dipping near the frost zones for the last couple of days. While it’s typically warming up to moderate temps by the afternoon, the freeze and thaw may have an effect on racers as they head out to the cross courses this weekend. Be prepared with the right tires and tire pressure and you’ll be sure to gain an advantage! Check below for all the racing action coming up.


Pumpkin Cross – Just north of Milwaukee is the town of Grafton and home to Pumpkin Cross. If you like the challenge of a big climb and technical riding that’ll take you on a slalom descent and through gravel, this may be perfect for you. The race is part of Wisconsin’s Super Cup series. For race information click here.

Chicross Cup Series Race #4 –This week’s race heads to Randall Oaks Park in Elgin. While in the same town as Carpenter Park, we’ll have to wait and see what Main Street Bicycles and Sasquatch Squadron dream up for a fun and competitive course. For race details, click here.

Coming Up:

Chicross Cup Series Race #5 – Next week the series heads to Bartlett for ABD’s Sunrise Park. This race was typically a grassy power course, but over time, the promoter has worked to convert it into a more technical one. Be prepared for the famous Heckle Hill and get ready to race! For race info, click here.

Sun Prairie Cup – You can make it a two-race weekend if you head north to Madison. First up is the Sun Prairie Cup race, northwest of the city. This Super Cup series race features some fast sections as well as sharp and rolling hills. For race information, click here.

Celtic Cross – Although there is always suffering in cyclo-cross racing, this Irish-themed race is offering up food, music and beer to help ease your aches and pains. Located in McGaw Park in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, this race will complete your two day race weekend. For race information, click here.


Have a great weekend!


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