Snow Cross


We’ve been coasting through this fall on easy street as far as the weather’s concerned. That’ll all change later this evening as the snow moves in over the Midwest. But, if life gives you lemons, and it this case, snow, then make lemonade, or better yet, take a ride in the snow! Get out early and make some tracks. For those racing this weekend, it’ll be an adventure, but a great opportunity to let your skills shine!



Wisconsin State Cyclo-Cross Championships – Wisconsin has its own version of the Battle of Waterloo, but the victory will come in the form of a championship jersey (if you’re from Wisconsin). This is sure to be a great race, as Waterloo is a big cycling town. For race details, click here.

Chicross Cup Series Race 10 – This week is the final regular race in this cross series, with the state championship to follow at Montrose beach. The Melas Park Racin Basin course is located in Mount Prospect and it’s famous for a giant retention basin, which the promoters make good use of to make the race challenging. Other features are deep sandy volleyball courts and last year they added a grass maze. For race info, click here.

Coming Up:

Jingle Cross – The big guns will be heading to Iowa City in two weeks to take on the challenges of Jingle Cross. There’s racing all weekend for all categories, including the top UCI categories. The course is always challenging, but will there be an extra element of difficulty with the weather? Only time will tell! For race information, click here.

Chicross Cup Series Race #11 (FINAL) – The series finale is also the Illinois State Cyclo-Cross championship. Located at the lakefront and Montrose, this course offers a little bit of everything. There’s climbing, descending off camber, sand and power sections. The unknown is the weather; will it be warm and dry or will it be cold and snowy? You’ll have to wait and see! For race details, click here.


Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!


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