Early Spring Predictions

Punxsutawney Phil

To the excitement of many, Punxsutawney Phil emerged from Gobblers Knob without seeing a shadow, thus predicting an early spring! Whether you believe in the forecast or not, the weather will warm enough to get outside and ride this weekend. There are not too many events this weekend, but it’s easy enough to join a group or take your training on the road. Have fun!


Bumble Bounce – There may not be a frozen tundra, but you still may find the Bumble creature out on course for tomorrow’s fat tire race. The race is located in Port Washington, Wisconsin, so it’s just north of Milwaukee. Head north for some fat tire fun. For race information, click here.

Coming up:

Winter Bike Art Show – Looking for the arts in cycling? Attend the 19th annual Winter Bike Art Show, which is a showcase of the creative talent in our cycling community. For details on the event, click here.

Fat Cupid Classic – Valentine’s Day doesn’t get much better than this! Take part in this fat tire race which takes place on groomed cross country ski trails. The race is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, so plan ahead to make the trip for this sweetheart event. For race details, click here.

Intent’s Indoor It Takes Two Time Trial – Partner up for this 15K time trial event on Valentine’s Day. Your combined team time will go up against other paired riders to see who has the fastest time of the day. For race information, click here.

Women in Cycling Film Viewing – Attend this mini film festival and discussion celebrating women in cycling, sponsored by Women Bike Chicago and Greeline Wheels. The event will be held at Greenline Wheels in Oak Park on Tuesday, February 16 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. For more information, click here.


Have a great weekend!


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