Fox River Omnium

ski jump hill

Fox River Grove is known for its Ski jump, but bike racers associate this town with climbing. If you’re headed out to race in the Fox River series, each day you’ll be met with a hill, with the real climbing happening on Sunday. If you choose another cycling option this weekend, there’s still plenty to do and no rain in the forecast. Get out and enjoy!


CWEC Clinic #6 Cycling Strategy – In bike racing, being the strongest rider doesn’t mean you’re the guaranteed winner. Bike races are like chess matches and there’s lots of strategy that goes into a win – that’s what makes them so fun! Join the CWEC and Paul Swinand for a presentation on racing tactics at the Elgin race on Saturday. For more information, click here.

Fox River Omnium – This two day series includes Saturday’s Elgin Cycling Classic. This race is known for a somewhat technical descent/climb combo, which, if mastered, can be the key a successful finish. Sunday is the Fox River Grove Criterium. This race is for the mountain goats, as it has a significant climb followed by a twisty descent. For event details, click here.

North East Wisconsin Omnium – It’s another multi-day racing event! This one includes two short, but challenging time trials and two criteriums, over 3 days. If you’re looking to improve your abilities as an all-around rider, this series will certainly help. For race information, click here.

Track Cycling:

Sprinters Dream Omnium – Calling all sprinters! Come out to the Ed Rudolph Velodrome on Saturday, May 21 for a day of sprinting competition. You’ll be matched up against competitors based on your flying 200 time and then it’s all about tactics and going fast. For more information on the event, click here.

Coming up:

Fat & Skinny Tire Fest – This Indiana road omnium series is has some surprises in store for each stage. Friday’s time trial is Eddy Merckx style, so no aero equipment allowed. Saturday’s road race is an 8.8 mile loop with fast turns and some good climbs. Finally, Sunday’s criterium is flat and on a particularly short .55 mile oval loop, which should be fast and furious. For information on the series, click here.

LAPT/Trek Road Race – Most road races have a nasty climb to shake up the field, but this course is a little more forgiving as far as climbing is concerned. The course loop is just shy of 7 miles and has a maximum 4 percent grade. If you’re a little intimidated by climbing, but want to do a few road races, this may be a great place to start. For race information, click here.

Sanders Park Criterium – Just over the border in Racine, Wisconsin, this 1.2 mile loop has gently rolling hills, but no real corners. For race information, click here.

Kankakee 20K Time Trial – This out and back course covers mostly flat country roads, with the biggest climb coming at an overpass. It’s a great course for hammering out a strong effort. For more information, click here.

Have a great weekend!


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