Teamwork in Cycling


It’s often said that you can accomplish more as a team than as an individual. Not only can you accomplish more, but you can have more fun as well. This weekend’s events are all about teamwork. The teamwork required to bring together women to share the joy of riding off-road with Dirt Days. The group efforts of bringing a large group of ladies to build the race at the Winfield Criterium. And, the pinnacle of teamwork is the effort required to pull off a good time at Sunday’s 2-person team time trial. Whatever your plans, bring a friend and enjoy a great cycling experience.



Women’s Dirt Days #3 – The group is headed back to the Kettle for the third event in this mountain bike series. There’s a mountain bike clinic in conjunction with this dirt day, so be sure to click on the link for details and to sign up in advance to be sure you have a slot. Don’t miss out on all the fun a day on the trails can bring! For more information, click here.

Winfield Criterium – This is a great local race which features climbing and descending through a neighborhood in the western suburbs. It’s a fun and challenging course and there are multiple fields for women, including age group divisions. For race information, click here.

Indy Criterium – There’s always a thrill to ride or race your bike in areas usually off-limits to bikes. Well, if you’ve ever wanted to race your bike around downtown Indianapolis, this is your chance! There’s also eight thousand dollars in prizes and payouts, so come out and test your abilities at Indiana’s largest criterium. For race information, click here.

Wolfgang Freitag Memorial 50K 2-Person Time Trial – It’s all about teamwork in this event. Stay sheltered and protected in the draft or pull hard, working together to get the fastest time possible for your team! It’s a tough race, but so much fun to share the effort with a friend. This year they’ve added a mixed gender category, so there’s plenty of options as far as partners are concerned! For race information, click here.

Track Racing:

Illinois State Masters Track Championships – The Illinois State Master’s track championships are next Saturday, July 16 at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in Northbrook. Events will include all timed, team and sprint events. For more information, click here.

Coming Up:

Intelligentsia Cup – Ready, set, Go! The Intelligentsia Cup race series begins next Friday, July 15th with the Beverly Hills Cycling Classic. There’ll be eight races in ten days, spread across the city and suburbs. There are also additional women’s fields, which is a real bonus for those wanting a group in which they can be competitive. For series information, click here.

Rapha Women’s 100 Chicago – Be part of this special women’s event that spans across the globe! In Chicago, we’ll be departing from Heritage Bicycles on Sunday, July 17th. The group will head out on a 102K ride which will include stops for treats! For those looking for a few more miles, a group will continue on to complete a 157K loop. For more information, click here.

Dr. Craig Schultz Memorial Time Trial – The ABR Regional time trial championship is Sunday, July 17 in Cordova, Illinois. Juniors will compete in a 20K race, all others will compete in the in the 40K distance. It’s a super flat and out and back, L-shaped course, which is great for power and speed! For more information, click here.

Have a great weekend!


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