Ichabod Cross


We’re midway through October and that means the Halloween themed events are coming fast. This weekend starts off with a nighttime race that is destined to give you a chill! Enjoy the season and keep on pedaling. Check the listings below for an action packed weekend in our area. The weather’s still fantastic, so there’s no excuse!

Events: –

Ichabod Cross – Are you afraid of shapes and shadows in the dark, as Ichabod Crane was? You’ll have to pedal your way out of fear at this evening cross race. This race is the first of two weekend races in Beardstown, which is near Springfield. For information on this hauntingly fun race, click here.

Pumpkin Hop Cross – This is the second race in this two day series in Beardstown. The course includes a flyover and there is also a relay race category. For race information, click here.

One Day 100 Bikes Challenge – Take part in this all-day event to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief, a foundation that works to empower communities in developing countries with the aid of bicycles. Saturday’s event will include a morning group ride, a spin challenge and a computrainer challenge. There will also be a raffle and silent auction. Have fun on your bike while taking part in a feel-good event. For more information, click here.

Humboldt Park Cross – Head just over the border for one of the Wisconsin cross series events. This race is located in a park near Milwaukee. For race information, click here.

Chicross Cup Event #4– Last year this race moved locations because of construction, but it appears to be back in Carpentersville, but instead of being at the park, the course will be at the former Woodlawn Elementary School. This is a new venue, but it looks to be another exciting course. For race information, click here.

Badger Cross – This course has a bit of history behind it and just a few years ago was used for cyclo-cross nationals. It’s located in Verona, Wisconsin, which is not far from Madison. Along with a great race, they’ll also have food, beer and music for a cross-festival. For race information, click here.

Coming Up:

Celtic Cross Head out to Fitchburg, which is near Madison for this Irish-themed cross race. This race also includes the Wisconsin Uni-Cross Championships, so for all you unicyclists out there (and I know there are a few), don’t miss out on this exciting event. For race information, click here.

Chicross Cup Event #5 – This week the series heads to Sunrise Park in Bartlett. This course offers up plenty of grass, a wooded area, some off camber and the infamous Heckle Hill! For race information, click here.

Sun Prairie Cup – You can make it a two-day race weekend in Madison if you stick around for the Sun Prairie Cup on Sunday. Both races are part of Wisconsin’s Super Cup series, so you’ll have a chance to earn points in this one-two weekend near Madison. For race information, click here.

Have a great weekend!


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