Battle of Waterloo


You may feel as though you’ve already been through a battle this week with the election just days ago, but we must regroup and move forward to do our part to make things better for everyone. We are lucky to have an outlet to provide us with a release from the stresses we encounter. Get out, enjoy the great outdoors and ride your bike. We have a full slate of local events and the weather continues to amaze.


Events: –

Chicross Cup Events #8 &#9 – The two-day cross extravaganza begins tomorrow at the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort. You’d assume this would be a pure power course since the races are held on a golf course, but not so! The terrain is surprisingly varied with a steep dirt hill, sand traps and berms, all of which will test your technical skills. Since it’s a two day event, many racers opt to stay at the resort to minimize travel AND to enjoy the party atmosphere on Saturday night. For race information, click here.

Battle of Waterloo – You might not see Napoleon, but there will probably be some great battles held on this course. The event takes place at Fireman’s park in Waterloo, Wisconsin. For race information, click here.

Coming Up:

Women’s Night at Rapha Chicago  – Come enjoy wine, food and good conversation with a great community of women cyclists on Wednesday evening at the new Rapha Chicago location. For information and to RSVP, click here.

Furrow Euro –Cross country running meets cyclo-cross in this dual discipline event held on Furrow Farm in El Paso (near Bloomington). The course is wide open, so there’s nowhere to hide from the wind and there are a few rollers, twists and turns to make things fun. For race information, click here.

Sijan Cross Race – This race is held in Sijan Park in Milwaukee, a place honoring a local war hero. You’ll want to channel some of Lance Sijan’s tenacity as you go to battle for a little cross victory. For race information, click here.

Chicross Cup Event #10 – This is the final regular race in the Chicross Cup series before the State Championships. Melas Racin Basin is an unusual course in that its main feature is a large retention basin, which adds a lot of elevation changes over the course of the race. For race information, click here.

Cross the Isthmus Cross – This race will involve water, hills and heckling. Are you up for the challenge of the Madison Isthmus? For race information, click here.

Plan Ahead:

Big Marsh Bike Race – Wondering what to do the day after Thanksgiving? Looking to stay away from the shopping mayhem and just enjoy the great outdoors? Head out to the Big Marsh Bike Park and get your cross racing on! You’ll feel spectacular after racing hard and burning off a few holiday meal calories. For event information, click here.

The Early History of Women’s Cycling in Chicago – We’ve come a long way, ladies! Women have struggled throughout history to gain independence and equality and the bicycle has been a big part in moving us forward. Join historian Chris Sweet at BFF Bikes for an evening of history on how the bicycle has been a part of empowering women for decades. For event information, click here.

Have a great weekend!



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