George Garner Sr Memorial Race @ Melas


The winds are changing and they’re bringing in a blustery chill that we’ve seemed to escape until now. Layer up to head outside. There’s still plenty of fun ahead and you’ll want to be sure you burn as many calories before Thursday’s big feast. Check below for a few cycling options nearby.

Events: –

Furrow Euro –Cross country running meets cyclo-cross in this dual discipline event held on Furrow Farm in El Paso (near Bloomington). The course is wide open, so there’s nowhere to hide from the wind and there are a few rollers, twists and turns to make things fun. For race information, click here.

Sijan Cross Race – This race is held in Sijan Park in Milwaukee, a place honoring a local war hero. You’ll want to channel some of Lance Sijan’s tenacity as you go to battle for a little cross victory. For race information, click here.

Chicross Cup Event #10 – George Garner Sr. Memorial race at Melas. There’s been a last minute name change to this race with the passing of George Garner Sr. in October. Honor a man who brought so much innovation to the cycling world. He developed a passion for bicycles at a young age and carried that with him to the end. Be inspired to give it your all on this unusual course with its main feature being a large retention basin. For race information, click here.

Cross the Isthmus Cross – This race will involve water, hills and heckling. Are you up for the challenge of the Madison Isthmus? For race information, click here.

Sadie Hawkins Style Ride – Grab your partner and plan your strategy for this stylish-scavenger hunt type race. All proceeds benefit the Chicago Women’s Health Organization. Meet in Palmer Square Park at 3pm and the race begins at 4pm. The post-race party will be held at Big Chicks. For information on the event, click here.

Coming Up:

Big Marsh Bike Race – Wondering what to do the day after Thanksgiving? Looking to stay away from the shopping mayhem and just enjoy the great outdoors? Head out to the Big Marsh Bike Park and get your cross racing on! You’ll feel spectacular after racing hard and burning off a few holiday meal calories. For event information, click here.

Plan Ahead:

The Early History of Women’s Cycling in Chicago – We’ve come a long way, ladies! Women have struggled throughout history to gain independence and equality and the bicycle has been a big part in moving us forward. Join historian Chris Sweet at BFF Bikes for an evening of history on how the bicycle has been a part of empowering women for decades. For event information, click here.

Chicross Cup #11 – Illinois State Cyclo-Cross Championships at Montrose. With this course being located on the lakefront, there’s always potential for course changes, just depending on how the wind blows. There’ll always be Cricket hill, sand and wind, but it’s anyone’s guess for much past that. It’s always a lot of fun and it’s for the big prize! For race information, click here.

Have a great weekend!



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