2016 Illinois State Cyclocross Championships


Just as December begins we hear the word, “snow”. Will it just be a threat or will it be true? We’ll find out this weekend! Whatever weather rolls in, we’ve still got plenty to do outside, especially with the Illinois State Cyclocross championships on Sunday. Check below for a list of cycling activities in our area.

Events: –

The Early History of Women’s Cycling in Chicago – We’ve come a long way, ladies! Women have struggled throughout history to gain independence and equality and the bicycle has been a big part in moving us forward. Join historian Chris Sweet at BFF Bikes for an evening of history on how the bicycle has been a part of empowering women for decades. For event information, click here.

Chicross Cup #11 – It’s the 2016 Illinois State Cyclo-Cross Championships at Montrose and the lakefront. It’s anyone’s guess what the conditions will be on race day. There’ve been years with frigid temperatures and years where it’s been downright balmy. The course has some guaranteed features, but with its proximity to the lake and wind, there are always plenty of course variables. Whatever the conditions, there are championships on the line and there will be battles in the field! For race information, click here.

Coming Up:

Afterglow – This fun-spirited race returns to Humboldt Park. The race will have your typical category and age group events, but it will also have single speed, fat bike categories – and the Grudge Match! Proceeds benefit West Town Bikes and Blackstone Bikes youth programs, so you’ll have a lot of fun doing something you can feel good about. For event information, click here.

Hugh Jass Race #5 – Take part in this fat bike winter series. The series encourages cycling outdoors in the winter months. Bring your own fat bike or rent one! This event will be held at Canal Shores in Evanston. For race information, click here.

Miller Chill – Head down to Bloomington’s for this late season race. The event is held in Miller Park and the course features a stone bridge flyover, a sandy beach crossing and hills. For race information, click here.

Have a great weekend


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