The changing weather may have an interesting affect on this weekend’s riding and racing activities. There’s snow headed our way, which may not be the worst thing for an adventurous cyclists. With the right equipment, whether that means a cross, mountain or fat bike, a ride in fresh snow can be really fun. For skilled riders, the snow may bring and advantage to those racing. For those not accustomed to plowing through the snow, it will be a great chance to pick up new skills. There are still lots of events coming up, so add a few layers and keep riding!



Afterglow – This fun-spirited race returns to Humboldt Park tomorrow morning. The race will have your typical category and age group events, but it will also have single speed, fat bike categories – and the Grudge Match! Proceeds benefit West Town Bikes and Blackstone Bikes youth programs, so you’ll have a lot of fun doing something you can feel good about. For event information, click here.

Hugh Jass Race #5 – Take part in this fat bike winter series. The series encourages cycling outdoors in the winter months. Bring your own fat bike or rent one! This event will be held at Canal Shores in Evanston. For race information, click here.

Miller Chill – Head down to Bloomington’s for this late season race. The event is held in Miller Park and the course features a stone bridge flyover, a sandy beach crossing and hills. For race information, click here.

Coming Up:

Braver than the Elements – Join with women around the world to brave the elements and get outside and ride. The Chicago ride will begin at the Rapha Chicago Clubhouse on Saturday, December 17. The 60 mile ride will depart at 9am and there will be treats before, during and after the. It may be a chilly day, so dress warm and prepare for lots of fun. For event details, click here.

Peoria Frosty CX – If you’re not ready to throw in the towel on your cross season, you’re in luck! Head out to Peoria for a little more fun. The race may well live up to its frosty name with next week’s temperatures predicted to be downright chilly. For event information, click here.

Midwest Cyclocross Regional Championships – Looking to do one better than a state championship? You’ll have your chance next Saturday in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. It’s a two-day cross fest near Madison which features the championship event on Saturday and another great race on Sunday. For event information, click here.

Midwest Grand Prix of Cyclocross – This is the second day of the two-day series. Sunday’s race is a non-championship event and the course will be slightly different than Saturday. But if you’re going to make the trip, you might as well may it a double header weekend. For details, click here.

Have a great weekend!


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