Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Looks like this holiday has shed a little luck on Chicago with a terrific turnaround in the weather department. We had almost blizzard-like conditions on Monday, but today it all seems to be melting away and the prospect of outdoor fun this weekend is looking bright! There are so many options for riding events this weekend and the momentum keeps building. Check the listings below for outdoor opportunities.


Braver Than The Elements Ride – The weather doesn’t seem to cooperate for Chicago’s Braver than the Elements rides. The recent snowfall has left the initial route for this spring ride a bit sketchy, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. The new route will head north to Northbrook and back, with a loop around the velodrome just for fun. Before heading out, there’ll be treats from the Spoke & Bird restaurant and Big Star tacos for the post ride. For more information or to RSVP, click here.

BFF’s Bike to Beer Ride #1 – Looking for a recreational ride with a twist? Join BFF Bikes as they head to local breweries each month. This Saturday they’ll head to Pipeworks Brewery for a tour. For more information, click here.

St Patrick’s Day Ride – Join the Wheeling Wheelmen in this annual spring event. You can choose from either 16, 20 or 36 mile loops, all starting from the Wauconda High School. The post ride celebration will include entertainment from the Acoustic Soul Generations band. For more information, click here.

Kenosha Velosport Spring Training Criterium Series – It’s the second weekend for this trilogy of races in Kenosha. This Sunday’s weather is certainly much more pleasant than last week, so if you’re on the fence, the temps should give you a bit of a push to get out there! For more information, click here.
Coming Up:

Pastry-Brest- Pastry – Do you think riding your bike, eating doughnuts, and having a beer sounds fun? The organizers of this gravel ride in North Aurora do! Take part in this 60 mile journey, where 60% of the riding surface is unpaved. Get out, have some fun and get some miles under your belt before the season gets going. For more information, click here.

Barry Roubaix – Next weekend many local riders will be heading to Michigan for this spring gravel fest. There are 22, 36 and 62 mile courses, with categories across the board, including open, age group, single speed and tandem. For event information, click here.

Plan Ahead:

Skyway Classic Criterium Series – Calling all beginner riders to the line for this annual pre-season criterium training series. It’s four consecutive days of racing, giving you the chance test what works best for you in racing situations. The series runs from April 3-6 at Calumet Park. For more information, click here.

Women’s Track Cycling Clinic – Ever wonder what it’s like to ride a fixed gear bike or ride on a velodrome? Attend this beginner women’s clinic on April 22 at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome and learn everything from the basics to trying your hand at some race strategy. It’s all in a low-key environment to help you overcome any fears or just get an understanding without feeling pressured. For event details, click here.
Have a great weekend!


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