Cyclocross World Championships

The center of the cycling world will be the Netherlands this weekend for the 2018 UCI Cyclocross World Championships. The championships will be held on Saturday and Sunday, and you can view the races at local shops, including Johnny Sprockets and the Rapha Clubhouse. Be sure to keep an eye out for our local heroine, Maria Larkin, who will be racing on the Irish National team!!

Let the championship event inspire you to keep your season goals alive as we battle another cold weekend in Chicago. Whether you bundle up and head outside, or hunker down on a trainer, keep at it!


Peoria Indoor TT – Looking for another indoor suffer-fest to measure your fitness or to satisfy your competitive spirit? Make plans to compete in this Saturday’s indoor time trial in Peoria. Instead of riding a particular course or distance, this race is set up to ride as far as you can in 25 minutes. For more information, click here.

Hugh Jass Series – This weekend, the fat bike series will be part of the Heiliger Huegel Ski Club’s Winter Carnival. There’ll be ski events both weekend days and the bike race will take place on Sunday. It’ll be lots of fun, but plenty of work since the course includes Holy Hill! For more information, click here.

Yoga for Cyclists – The eight week yoga series continues on Monday. Classes are held at the Rapha Clubhouse Chicago at 7pm. The class is free, just be sure to register and show up with your yoga mat! This is a great way to keep your body healthy and flexible for all your upcoming goals! For event and registration information, click here.

Coming Up:

ABD Indoor Time Trial #2 – The indoor competition continues with the second of ABD’s series. It’ll be another 10K rolling hill challenge for you to test your fitness and competitive edge. For race information or to register, click here.

Have a great weekend!


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